Tuesday, 28 June 2011

It's alive !

Sorry for the lack of updates, I was busy with other stuff for some months.

As you can see on my github, ( https://github.com/gligli/libxenon/commits/master ), I think libXenon has improved a lot lately, with lots of stuff added from Xell (NAND access, lwip & network code,...), a new ELF loader, a unified ATA driver (that can access both HDD and DVD), the return of opendir/readdir/... functions and many bug fixes and smaller improvements in almost all drivers.

The reason for many of those changes is to be able to make most of Xell a regular libXenon app: Xell would be splitted into 2 stages, one stage which recovers from exploit and then decompresses and launches a second stage, which is a libXenon ELF. To maintain backwards compatibility, both stages would have to fit in the 256KB limit for a Xell binary.

Last but not least, I'm working on mupen64-360, my Wii64 port these days, I already added sound and done some optimisations to try to get more speed.
I multithreaded a good part of sound processing so it's done almost for free, and in fact anything that isn't multithreaded (RSP emulation) was already running in my version from january. I might be able to multithread RSP too, it would probably give a nice speed boost :)
I also redone the port of the Wii64 dynarec, I did my first port from the ps3 branch and it seems it wasn't up to date with the trunk speed-wise. Now it's using Wii64 1.1 code. I also changed the way stores were handled in the dynarec, trying to generate more code and rely less on a (slow) generic C function to do the job.
By the way, source code is now available on my github ( https://github.com/gligli/mupen64-360 ). Anybody that can compile it can try it, but please don't distribute binaries ! It's not a good idea at all to release unofficial versions of a work in progess of someone else code so I hope You can be responsible on this.

Here's a new video showing the progress on Mario64, jerkiness is due to the video capture card, trust me that game runs smooth :)